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5 Insider Tips For Raking In Unstoppable Cash From Commission Junction

As you may already know, Commission Junction is one of the best affiliate program directories around. You can sell popular physical products from large retailers. By signing up, you gain access to a large "inventory" of products you can sell almost immediately.

There are a few lucrative ways to make money from Commission Junction's affiliate products. Let's look at those ways now:

1. Affiliate blogs

Create little niche blogs with updated content every once in a while. Pre-sell your products by writing useful content then recommending the affiliate product. You can set up a free blog at Wordpress or Blogger, which is easy to set up.

2. Email marketing

Build a mailing list and promote your products to the list. You can build lists in various niche markets to maximize your affiliate income. Provide quality content and build a relationship with your subscribers.

3. Affiliate reviews

This is expansion on the affiliate blog idea. You set up simple mini-sites which review products. You also can set up product comparision sites where you compare products side by side using tables. Again, you can scale this idea across different niches.

4. Content websites

Create large content websites that get free long-term residual search engine traffic. The advantage of such websites is that you get repeat visitors. If your website becomes popular, you can create a community around a forum which will bring in even more repeat visits, creating a reliable source of income.

5. Pay per click advertising

This is one of the only ways to make a profit without creating a website. Sign up at Adwords and other pay per click programs and promote your affiliate link almost immediately.

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