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Affiliate Marketing - Cloaking Your Affiliate Links for Affiliate Success

If you want to succeed in affiliate marketing, you will need to cloak your affiliate links. There are just too many affiliates out there who do not want to take the trouble on cloaking their affiliate links, which may cost them a lot of affiliate sales.

On top of lost sales, it is also very unprofessional to just display your affiliate links. There are advertisers on Google who just display their affiliate id on the display URL of their ads. Do you think by doing this, it will help in getting more clicks? I seriously doubt so.

What I mean by cloaking your affiliate link is whereby you do not display the affiliate id that you use to get commission. There are many ways to cloak your affiliate links, and the ones below are just some of them:

1. Buy domain names. Invest in a domain name that is related to the product that you are going to promote. Then use domain forwarding to mask your affiliate links. Or you can build a website for that particular affiliate product that you are promoting and host it on your web server.

2. Invest in software. There are good software out there whereby you can use to cloak your affiliate links. Just google it.

3. Seek out for free cloaking sites. There are sites which assist you in cloaking your affiliate links for free.

Do not waste your time and effort promoting an affiliate product without knowing that most of your commission have been stolen. Cloak your affiliate links now.

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