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Affiliate Marketing Mistake 6- Not Protecting Your Affiliate Links

This is the kind of mistake that most new affiliate marketer will make. Not protecting your affiliate link will cause you to lose a lot of time and money. So this article will list why not protecting your affiliate link will cause you to lose money and what is the solution to solve this problem.

Failing to protect your affiliate links is a major blunder and mistake. Link theft is so prevalent these days that your commissions might just be stolen by some very dishonest individual. One of the way that they will be able to do it is to replace your affiliate ID with their affiliate ID. It is thus necessary to hide and cloak your affiliate links whenever you are doing any affiliate campaigns.

So what are the solutions to solve this problem? One of the ways that you can do is to shorten your affiliate link which will cloak and cover your affiliate link. You can do it from www.tinyurl.com. The 2nd way that you can do is to buy software that will enable you to link it to your domain name. When the customers go to your affiliate link, the customer will just see your domain name extensions. Both of this method will effectively cover your affiliate ID.

So remember to always cloak your affiliate links whenever you are doing a campaign for a affiliate program to prevent you from losing commissions. Do not make this mistake and you will get the maximum profits that you richly deserve.

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