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Affiliate Marketing - Why Must I Shorten And Cloak My Affiliate Links?

If you have been doing affiliate marketing for quite some time already, you will realize that most the affiliate links that you will get from the merchant tends to be very long and ugly. If you are going to just use this link directly to promote, it will not look nice and professional. This article will explain why you must shorten and cloak your affiliate links.

There are 2 reasons why you must do this step. The 2 reasons are:

1. Affiliate Links tend to be long and ugly. You will face a problem if you are going to use the original link through the email. The longer links will tend to “break” or “text wrap”. Many potential customers will not go through the hassles of cutting and pasting the links themselves if your links isn’t immediately clickable within the email.

2. Affiliate URL tends gives themselves away. Many people will not the idea of clicking on a obvious affiliate link as they will feel that there are 3rd party making money off them. There will also be some dishonest affiliates and cheapskates out there who will exchange your affiliate ID with their own affiliate ID. You definitely do not want to lose your commissions.

These are the 2 very big reasons why you must shorten and cloak your affiliate links. The good thing is that you do not need to buy expensive software in order for you to shorten and cloak your affiliate links. You can go to www.tinyurl.com to cloak it. Do always remember to clock your affiliate link before you do any promotion.

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