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Affiliate Programs Reviews - How to Find Affiliate Programs That Make Money

Affiliate Programs are a nice way to generate some extra income, however how do you know which affiliate program to choose. There are some general steps to make the right decision to get you on your way to make money with affiliate programs.

The First step you make to generate money with affiliate programs is to choose your affiliate company. There are a few companies out there on the internet and each work best in there own market. If you only want to promote eBooks then the best way is to join ClickBank because they have a large database with affiliate marketers who promote electronic eBooks. You can earn a high percentage of the sale up to 75%. When you already have a website and would like the promote products in your niche market you better join CJ.com. The have advertisers for every single niche and you can get paid for every sale or lead.

There are many more companies to join there affiliating program and the best way to find them is to use affiliate review websites. These review websites will tell you the positive and negative feedback they had on affiliate programs. To find reviews on affiliate programs you can do a search on any search engine for example “iPhone download review”. It will give you all the result on different iPhone downloads affiliate programs. If you search for a review just type “review” in the search engine after the affiliate program you want to promote.

Another way to find affiliate programs that will make you money is to visit forums and read as much as you can about affiliate programs. This is all free information and you will learn a lot of the people who are already longer in the business. Opt-in also on some newsletters from famous affiliate marketers like Mike Filsaime, Andrew Fox, Jonathan Mizel to see what they promote and learn from there advise.

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