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Affiliate Rockstar Status - Affiliate Rockstar Status Review Honest Opinion

How do I rate Affiliate Rockstar Status? Affiliate Rockstar Status Review by an Online Marketing Expert... There is a secret to a good review, know what it is? If you don't then here it is for you, simply owning the product yourself. I mean, giving a viewpoint of something you haven't seen isn't only hard.. it's very hard. That is why I always own any product I review, be it internet marketing or dog training! Because I don't want to fool people into something I don't even know myself, I always take an honest approach.

That brings me to this conclusion...

"Direct linking" in Affiliate Rockstar Status is something that has been seen before, if you are familiar with AdWords 180 then you are fairly close to knowing Affiliate Rockstars "direct linking"

In the product there is something called "Nuke 2.0". This is nothing new either... well maybe, to some. I do feel that people who have used known Squidoo and other WEB 2.0 sites for their marketing could benefit form this section. I didn't find anything I personally didn't know, but then again.. I have done this for a while... I seriously recommend affiliate rockstar status to anyone who isn't familiar with more advanced problems that we have to fight each day of the year.

Now as for something that I really benefited from and instantly put into action was the "Wordpress Chapter". This chapter helped me realize a few things I was already aware of, but never really put into action, you know the feeling. This article is part of the "things I've learnt"... So it's fair to say, if you read this, you know that one of the techniques in Affiliate Rockstar Status is working, to a degree at least.. It's not like you have clicked buy!

I can with pride on my internet marketing name casually recommend this e-book if you are at loss in the IM world and you don't already have AdWords 180 and would like to make money from "writing".. with writing I mean blogs or articles etc..

There is something you should know and that is that marketing is fun and you should always enjoy the ride.. now I am not the guy to just throw you an affiliate link and hope you buy from it... Instead I like to say what I think about things...

That is why I have chosen to include a link to my website and another review, full of FREE stuff, BONUSES and other things related to Internet Marketing!

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