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Affiliate Rockstar Status Review - Does Affiliate Rockstar Status Really Deliver?

Recently, there has been a lot of hype about Affiliate Rockstar Status, co written by Eric Rockefeller and Chris of DJK fame. I had heard several rumours about it being very similar to Adwords 180 and having already read that was slightly sceptical. However, despite this I decided to get it and upon reading I was pleasantly surprised!

After the instant success and fame of several of Chris' other products, such as Affiliate Project X and Day Job Killer, which if you haven't already read I would strongly recommend doing so before purchasing Affiliate Rockstar Status (Affiliate Project X is what got me started in the Affiliate Marketing Industry and is a must have!), I really didn't believe that there could be any other secrets out there separating the average affiliate from the super affiliate but I was wrong ...

What makes ARS unique is that Eric gives you a proven system that he uses to make money in the affiliate industry or as he calls it a "proven blueprint". This is very useful as it gives you something to follow.

I think this is often were many other products fall short.I can’t give away too much information about ARS but I’ll say a bit about some of the chapters. The “Direct Linking” chapter of the book is the part that is very similar to Adwords 180 and is were some of the rumours stem from but don’t worry as there are still many other very useful techniques that Eric uses.

I found the “WordPress Chapter” very, very useful and would probably have bought it just for that chapter! I’m currently using some of the techniques discussed it that chapter to quite a bit of success!

In conclusion, I would recommend Affiliate Rockstar Status to anyone interested in affiliate marketing. I hope you have found this review informative and useful and hope you find the techniques and methods in ARS as useful as I have!

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Source: www.articletrader.com