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Commission Junction Affiliate Marketing

Commission Junction is a the worlds largest affiliate marketplace for physical products. In particular if you have no web site but want to start out with PPC (Pay per click - such as adwords) then it's an ideal place to start with.

Commission junction is a third-party online payment processor that handles all of your financial processes. Commission Junction is geared towards a vast range of physical products, which makes it very popular for publishers and affiliates.

The main reason people will promote a product as an affiliate through Commission Junction is because they know they are going to get paid on time. Although payment takes around a month to come through it arrives regularly direct into your bank account.

Commission Junction is a very easy and cheap way to start selling internet products. Commission Junction is a very powerful tool for you as an affiliate manager. Commission Junction is one of the top affiliate networks because it is very easy to use and provides an excellent way for you to earn money as an affiliate.

It is this combination of features that makes Commission Junction a formidable competitor to other online marketing structures.

The benefits of affiliate marketing through Commission Junction far outweigh any potential negative experiences that may arise due to an unscrupulous few such as with Clickbank whereby itís fairly easy for someone to steal your Clickbank Commission.

One area to be aware of is that it is worthwhile investing in 'cloaking' software, this is whereby your affiliate link is hidden from the person viewing the page, if not you will find that more than a few people will simply overtype your affiliate link with their own one, this results in you losing your commission (not good if you are targetting sales via PPC) and the person getting a 'discount' in the form of them getting paid what should rightly be your commission.

It is one of the best places to start in affiliate marketing. Affiliate Marketing is the easiest way to build a business on the Internet, as you donít need a website (I started out with Google Adwords), domain name, (You can if you want to but itís not necessary) and everything is done for you. Among the top selling products on the net, over 75% of sales are generated by affiliates. Overall affiliates generate over 100% of all Commission Junction sales. Affiliates Earn anywhere between, 5%-75% or every sale. Many thousands of affiliates sell Commission Junction products, making it an easy and excellent to start out on your affiliate marketing career with.

Subscription to the affiliate programs is completely free, and you can get started instantly upon signing up with Commission Junction. The first step in getting set up in the affiliate program is to get your own personal Commission Junction id, the sign up process takes only a couple of minutes with no long forms to fill out.

Over the years many people have made incredible incomes as a Commission Junction affiliate with some top earners making well over $5,000 a week.

Using Commission Junction is a guarantee that affiliates always get paid on time every time.

The Author runs the web site http://www.amazing-affiliates.com

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