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Free Affiliate Programs

One can set up his own free affiliate program or tools to help affiliates. The process and the very advantage of these affiliate programs are very simple. With the opening of the window of your website, these affiliate programs will come to the screen in the form of a small window or pop-up. If the visitor of your website chooses to go to a particular program by clicking on it or fulfilling other criterions, such as giving some information of him or herself, giving the email address, or filling out of certain online forms, the website with which the program was affiliated gets money. Usually the calculation is done on the basis of the number of visitors of these affiliated programs.

Some of the free affiliate program resources whose names are worth mentioning are FreebieList.com which is a CPA, or Cost Per Action affiliate program. A CPA provides banners, text descriptions, buttons and much more to help you and your website to generate money on an online basis. However, if you want to avail such opportunities to make some handsome amount of money just on the basis of such affiliate programs, you have to carefully design the logo or the banner of the free program that you want to get affiliated with. The place where you put these banners also becomes an important factor.

Last but not the least comes the question of the software that you are using to design the logo, the banner or the text. These are thee three important factors whose manipulation and arrangement becomes a key factor in attracting the attention of the visitor. The more they are attractive in terms of texts, banners, color and design, the greater are the chances that the visitor would visit them.

According to a recent survey, PlatinumPartner.com has been one of the best free affiliate programs which has proven to be the highest converting and highest paying free affiliate programs of the net. There are many other such free affiliate programs that have the up to date and one of the best technical supports designed to work on a 24/7 basis.

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