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Greeting Cards - Future of Emotions

What is Greeting Card

Greeting Cards are usually given on special occasions such as birthdays, Christmas, fatherís day or other holidays. It is a folded card featuring a message of greet or other sentiment.

Online Greeting Card

Online greeting cards are also commonly known as e-cards. The primary difference between e-card and greeting card is e-card is created using digital media instead of any paper or any other kind of materials.

E-cards are usually sent via emails to each other and are made by publishers of many Internet websites.

Benefits of Using E-Card

Using online greeting cards has great and distinct benefits. As we know e-cards are digital "content", which makes them much more powerful and flexible. Unlike traditional greeting cards, e-cards can be sent to as many people as you want with a click of mouse. There are even animated e-cards which help you to express better. These are the 2D animation made in a product of Macromedia Company namely Macromedia Flash. But we are yet to achieve a milestone in animated cards.


Typically, most of the users enjoy sending e-cards directly from some website offering nice ready made greeting cards. These days no body actually takes the pain to make an e-card which needs some expertise.

We do have a certain amount of control over the greeting card we choose from online catalogs of any website. When youíve selected the card, you can usually edit the text or add a photo or video. Finally, you send the e-card directly from the website youíve chosen from. Just enter your and recipients email. Click the send button and you are done.

Make Own Online Greeting Cards

For those of you who are enormously interested in using their own imagination for making a greeting card can do it in MS Word. You can do it in three simple steps

  1. Select Clipart for your greeting card in MS Word.

  2. Write some text, add a photo.

  3. Save and Send it Via Email.
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