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High Performance Affiliate Marketing Ebook Review

Short Bio: Jeremy Palmer is an affiliate marketer from Utah. Jeremy began working as an affiliate marketer in 2003 and after just 6 months he quit his day job.

Jeremy Palmer is the 2005 Commission Junction Horizon Award Winner, a certified Commission Junction Performer, Yahoo Search Marketing Ambassador and a Google Advertising Professional.

In 2006 alone Jeremy managed over 1 million dollars in sales. He mainly uses Pay Per Click buy he also uses search engine optimization to get visitors to his specially designed websites that are proven to convert visitors into buying customers.

What I think:

I was quite impressed with this eBook. Jeremy goes into great details in the 150 page PDF eBook. Each chapter is very well explained and you are not left with unanswered questions. Jeremy writes in a very straightforward easy to understand manor.

There is a great section in this eBook about landing pages/squeeze pages/opt in pages whatever you want to call them.

The search engine optimization section is also great. For thos of you are not firmiliar search engine optimization is when you optimize your website to rank very high in Google, MSN or Yahoo. So when you search specific keywords or phrases your sites appears first.

I would this section very informative an Jeremy describes many ways to get high quality one-way links to your website. Which is much of the trick to SEO.

Another really interesting section in this eBook was the website design section. Not to many affiliate marketing eBooks cover this information. Jeremy goes over the basics and some really great tips about creating your site for maximum usability and optimization.

Overall, I highly recommend this eBook for people getting started in affiliate marketing business as well as more experienced affiliate marketers.

Matthew Cook writes affiliate marketing ebook reviews on the latest and most popular affiliate marketing ebooks.

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