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How I Discovered The Most Lucrative Affiliate Programs

While it is true that most of the tips you've read about finding the most lucrative affiliate programs are probably true, there is one particular one you may not have come across that is more important than all the others.

Finding affiliate programs that are relevant to your site is important when you are looking for the lucrative ones, but without this tip you are about to discover, you will not go very far and chances are that you will never earn much from your affiliate program efforts.

The first thing that anybody running affiliate programs that bring them a regular income will tell you is how difficult it is to tell a winner from a loser without trying them out first.

So the hot tip is that you need to test affiliate programs before you fully commit yourself to them in terms of time and effort in marketing them. The only way to test is to paste the affiliate link at your site and wait to see if you make any sales.

Many times I have joined affiliate programs that looked like winners but ended up being miserable losers. A few other times I have tried out affiliate programs with lots of skepticism because they looked so simple and were really no-frills programs, and I have ended up pleasantly shocked at the amount of revenue they have generated and continue to generate for me to this day.

Just another reminder that you can never really judge a book by its' cover, you will need much more than that to make the correct judgment.

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