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Online Affiliate Program Success Without A Web Site

Is it really possible to achieve online affiliate program success without owning a web site?

Actually it is being done already even as you read this. The key rule for success in any online affiliate program is that one must be able to refer enough traffic on a regular basis to their affiliate program site. It is that simple. So if one were to find another way of referring traffic to their affiliate site without using their affiliate links on their own web site or blog site, it would work perfectly well.

Actually one of the popular marketing tools used to refer massive targeted traffic to an online affiliate program is the Google adwords program. However this method requires an advertising budget with which to start off with. Still there is another extremely effective method that is free.

You can use articles posted at various leading article directories to achieve resounding online affiliate program success. Although it is true that some article directories do not accept affiliate links, many others do. All you have to ensure is that your article is a valuable well written keyword rich articles. The keywords should be able to attract traffic directly from search engines to your article posted at the articles directory complete with your affiliate link in the resource box pointing traffic directly to your affiliate site.

This is no theory, I have actually personally made affiliate sales using this method.

Online affiliate program success is very achievable without even owning a web site.

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Source: www.articlesbase.com