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Things To Do With Your Affiliate Links

Put the link on your Website

This seems like the obvious answer, but how you do it may determine the outcome of your new venture. Try adding a 'Sponsered by' or 'Affiliates' section to the layout of your site. Put it somewhere where it will be seen. You can rotate between affiliate links and even add some reciprocal linking for good measure. You never know what opportunities might come knocking. The main idea is to avoid throwing your affiliate code into the pile on a useless 'Links' page. This will do very little for you in the long run.

Attach Your Affiliate Code To Your Sigs

You are probably already a member of a few internet forums. What you may or may not know is that most forum software allows you to attach a signature to your messages. Put your affiliate code in there. Now all that is left to do is be a good community player. Be helpful where you can and never be afraid to start a new topic.

Write a 'How-to' for your Affiliate Program

Most affiliate programs offer some sort of easy payoff. This is your ticket to hooking in referrals. Everybody is looking for the prize in the bottom of the cereal box. So consider the reward you are getting for being an affiliate, and write an article informing others how to get it (using your affiliate program). Then attach your affiliate code to the bottom of the article.

Submit To Article Directories

Write a decent article on a topic relating to your affiliate program. Or write an article reviewing the program itself.

Not all article directories allow you to submit articles containing affiliate codes, in fact many of them have rules against it. But one site that does allow affiliate links is http://gr8webhosting.info. Any article that contains unique content (does not appear anywhere else on the web) will be accepted.

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