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Top 10 Online Affiliate Programs To Consider

What sort of qualities and features would one be looking for in a top 10 online affiliate program? It is important and indeed a useful thing for every affiliate to be able to recognize those features that make a particular affiliate program special enough to be ranked amongst the top ten.

One of the most important aspects to look for in a top 10 online affiliate program is a high conversion rate. To me this is important because it will always impact rather dramatically on the results. For example an affiliate program that tends to have a high conversion rate will need less leads to produce a sale. This is the single aspect that decides whether a particular affiliate program is appropriate for your site or not. This is because of the simple fact that traffic can hardly be increased overnight. So even as you work on ways and means of improving traffic, you want an affiliate program that can yield something for you with the current traffic that you already have. The conversion rate is what will determine this important question.

That is precisely why testing is so important for any affiliate program you want to join and not just a top 10 type online affiliate program. Testing will always give you an exact and precise conversion rate which you can compare with that of other affiliate programs and in effect compile your very own top 10 best paying online affiliate program list. Your top 10 online affiliate program list can be in terms of revenue earned monthly and the conversion rate as well.

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