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Top Free Affiliate Program: How To Tell Which Programs Are Doing Well

Getting actual sales statistics that will help you decide which program is the top free affiliate program is not that easy. But neither is it impossible. In fact it can be done with just a little focused detective work.

As an affiliate you should always realize that affiliate programs will hardly expose their weaknesses or lack of sales. After all the whole idea is to get as many active affiliates to sign up with them as possible. So every program will do its' best to project itself as the top free affiliate program.

The first place to look in establishing the truth about a top free affiliate program is in the financial results and accounts of a company. If the company is a public company whose shares are quoted on the stock exchange then it becomes even easier because these companies by law have to announce their financial results regularly. In a recent year Google Inc. announced a very impressive growth in profits and attributed most of it to their Adsense affiliate program. This immediately confirmed the high figures that affiliates were claiming to be earning form the program.

The other place to obtain accurate information on exactly how well a program is doing is in discussion forums on affiliate programs where top free affiliate program entrepreneurs exchange information and tips on their performance.

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Source: www.isnare.com