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What Is Affiliate Marketing?

In affiliate marketing you don't have to be the producer of the product. You can just sell the product to anyone, which is manufactured by a third party. This sort of marketing can be on broadcasting media, through Internet and any other possible medium. Generally the commission in affiliate marketing is around 25%-50%.

Any website can be linked back to an e-commerce website, if there is an agreement between an e-commerce website and an affiliate website. If someone clicks on the link given on the affiliate website, a cookie is saved in the person's computer. The cookie is tracked by the e-tailer and if the person buys something then the commission amount is given to the affiliate marketer.

A network of affiliate marketing is formed by a group of merchants and a group of affiliates. To advertise products merchants join in this network. To earn commission many new affiliates also join in this network. Merchants get a wide range of affiliates all over the world. Affiliates are also not bound to any certain merchant. They can achieve the target amount by selling the products of the entire merchant range and get their commissions.

Affiliate marketing is picking up and already it is a multi-billion dollar industry. It is challenging the traditional way of marketing.

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Source: www.isnare.com