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Residual Income Affiliate Programs - What You Must Look For

Residual income is the sort of money you continue to earn for a very long time for something that you did only once. It is how most serious fortunes are made, even with affiliate programs.

This is the reason why you need to start making a clear distinction between affiliate programs that pay one time affiliate commissions and those that pay you for the lifetime of the customer that you have referred. In other words it is much more prudent to take a lower percentage affiliate commission than to take the higher one if you are assured of regular continued earnings as long as you referrer keeps on spending money at the affiliate site where you referred them.

Even more critical to residual income from an affiliate program is having a system which pays second tier and third tier profits. This means that you also earn from people that are brought in by a person that you have referred.

By following these very simple steps, you will revolutionize your affiliate program earnings and you will quickly start enjoying the power of residual income.

Actually many people do not know it, but joining the right affiliate programs that suit you best has the potential of giving you’re a huge six figure income. All you need to do is make the effort of to work with and then once you have identified them, you need to find an effective way to promote them, apart from just placing affiliate links at your site.

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