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For a very long time, bingo was played in huge halls, where many people played on game cards of cheap cardboard. Over the years, the game has changed and moved online.

One of America's favorite pastime and one of the most popular games out there is bingo. Over the past few years, the number of bingo sites on the Internet has increased considerably. Online bingo gamers can choose from a variety of different bingo games. A substantial number of online bingo sites are either totally free to play or mostly free with a small number of premium, pay-to-play games. Online free bingo sites certainly seem to be one of the most popular places to play a game.

A large percentage of people who play free online bingo are female. Traditionally, bingo is a leisure activity for elderly people. However, researches conducted by various sites show that only a small number of senior citizens indulge in playing free online bingo. Estimates also show that a very large section of online bingo gamers access their games from home and more than half play everyday.

Many bingo sites feature an auto play or auto-daub function, which is one of the main reasons why gamers opt to play from home. In an auto play game, players allow the cards play the game for them. Additionally, many online bingo Web sites offer chat screens along with their games, so that online players can get the bingo hall atmosphere from the comfort of their own home. Many Web sites have discovered that without ongoing chats, bingo games have failed largely.

A sizeable number of players in bingo halls already play bingo online as well. If the remaining section also switches over to playing bingo online, the bingo market can become a very profitable avenue. As the number of bingo games moving out of the hall and onto the Internet increases, the gamers will move along.

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