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What are Pay Per Sale Affiliate Programs?

A Pay per Sale is an affiliate program that allows you to get revenue from your website by showing a banner ad from various merchants. When a visitor comes to your site they can see your affiliate program because you want to place your ads in very good location so other users can see them as well. When the user clicks on the ad and purchases the item that is being offered to them you get paid for every sale you make. How much you make all depends on what the terms of agreement are with your affiliate network.

There are so many different categories to choose from in the Pay per Sale affiliate programs. There are Art, Books, CD/Music, Flowers, Gift Ideas, Magazines, Cars, Sports, Travel, Toys, Two Tier Income, Web Marketing and Web Tools just to name a few. Some of these programs all depend on which network you choose by they can offer as little as 5 percent to 25 percent they are all different. Be careful because some of these programs may have a special condition.

For example, there are few programs that offer you a commission of $10 no matter how much the user spends from $10 to $500, the commission is the same but the condition to this program is that the customer must be a first time user. If the user is a repeat customer then you donít receive the commission. Make sure you read the terms very carefully.

Some of the best-rated programs are ShareASale, Commission Junction, Hosting.com, Amazon, etc. Do your research before you join any of these just to make sure they are the right for your site. These programs are free to join but there may be some requirements in terms of how many visitors your site gets at the time of you signing up for them. Some networks may want at least 1000 visitors to the site before they give you an account. This is to ensure that you make money as well as they do. No traffic means no sales.

Make sure because you are using the Pay per Sale option that you market the products well. Place them in a very high visible spot on the first page of your site. Even if a user may not stay to look at more pages if they see the ad and they like what they see they will buy.

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