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Multi Level Marketing Affiliate Program

Have you ever considered working with a multi level marketing affiliate program in addition to a typical single-tier affiliate program?

I started off as an affiliate marketer but soon realized that affiliate marketing alone is not really a long-term business. That is exactly what Singapore's Ewen Chia, widely known as the world's No. 1 Super Affiliate, said at the World Internet Mega Summit held in Singapore on 28th May 2007.

In fact, world famous Internet marketer, Stephen Pierce put it in another way a day before: Affiliate marketing should not be allowed to be taken as a 'straitjacket' or 'ball and chain'. Affiliate marketing should be part of the market view of Internet marketers who should incorporate as many ways of capturing profit in their markets as possible, such as pay per ads like Google AdSense as well as marketing their own products.

First, affiliate marketing means selling someone else's products and be paid a commission doing so. The idea here is to make recommendations to match needs with the appropriate solutions created by others.

There are many such programs that we can easily locate through our favorite search engines like Google or Yahoo, or by going directly to an affiliate marketing program provider like Clickbank where around 100,000 digital products are available to promote as as affiliate marketer.

When you promote a single-tier affiliate program, what happens is that you get paid only once per sale. On the other hand, when you promote a multi level marketing affiliate program, you get paid over and over again for each sale.

Once I realized that, I focus a lot more effort on promoting multi level marketing affiliate programs while I continue promoting single tier products, market my own products, earn on pay per ads, etc.

With the same effort in bringing traffic to a single tier program, you could actually earn a residual income for each sale. Picture this: you make a sale and your customer becomes your affiliate marketer instantly and when he or she makes a sale, you get an overriding commission. And now the new customer-turned-affiliate makes another sale and you get paid again.

In other words, you leverage off other people's time, energy, skills and resources to multiply your profits. Again, for a one-time effort, you get paid many times!

Thus, a multi level marketing affiliate program is like a typical single tier affiliate program on steroids!

To take it a step further, a multi level marketing affiliate program that charges a monthly fee for a certain product or service would give you a recurring, monthly income. It is like referring a member to a membership site where you're paid a commission on a monthly basis as long as he or she remains an active member but it does not stop there.

If this new member refers another new member, you would take an overriding monthly recurring income. Sponsor a few more new members and they in turn sponsor a few who sponsor a few who sponsor a few...you get the picture!

For an example of how such a multi level marketing affiliate program works, check out the author's resource below.

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