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Affiliates Offering Rebates a Good Idea?

Iíve seen an affiliate tactic that offers the perspective buyer a rebate if they buy from the advertised affiliate link. The buyer is told that the rebate offer is only available if he or she buys from the provided affiliate link.

Hereís how it works. The buyer would purchase the product from the affiliate link. If the buyer doesnít request a refund after a certain period of time, (usually after the refund guarantee expires) the buyer can then redeem their rebate. Most of the offers that I have seen require you to redeem the rebate within 30 days from the first day after the refund guarantee has expired. If the refund guarantee were for 60 days, the rebate offer would begin on day 61 and expire after day 90.

Iíve seen rebate offers that will give you a 100% rebate. You may be asking yourself, how can the affiliate make money if the affiliate marketer gives back 100% of the profits. The answer is quite simple. Most people end up forgetting about the rebate and never redeem it or donít remember until after the rebate has expired. Only about 20% of the buyers will redeem the offered rebate, which is what the affiliate marketer is counting on. By offering a 100% rebate, the affiliate will make a lot more sales than he or she normally would. Giving back a 100% rebate to 20% of the people who purchase the product is well worth what the affiliate marketer will make in additional sales.

Rebate offers for digital products began to pop up in the middle of 2005. The first to do it is a well-known guru that I will not mention here because I donít have permission to do so. To say the least, that guru made a killing using this strategy because it was the first time that it had been done with a digital product. Today, you see this idea being used all over the net.

While I donít see anything wrong with doing this, be aware, that many affiliate site owners donít allow their affiliates to do this. Affiliates that use the clickbank system are not supposed to use rebate offers to make sales. I know for a fact that many clickbank users are in fact doing this. Clickbank has really cracked down on this practice. Itís not a good idea to use the rebate strategy if it is not allowed in the affiliate program that you are involved with. They could ban you and even worse, not pay you for the affiliate sales that you have made.

If you are going to offer rebates to make affiliate sales, make sure to read the affiliate siteís policy to make sure that it doesnít say somewhere that this is not allowed. Below is clickbankís policy on offering rebates. Check your affiliate siteís policy to make sure that there isn't something similar written in it before going out and offering a rebate.

You agree to make no such promotions promising customers rebates, coupons, tickets, or vouchers in connection with their ClickBank purchase.

If the product is your own, then there will of course, be no problem. I myself, think that this is a great idea just as long as the affiliate site owner allows it.

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