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Affiliate Marketing- Why Must I Capture My Affiliate Leads?

You may be sick and tried of listening and reading from tons of eBooks and people that you will have to build your own list to have a long term business. You may be sick and tired about it but itís no secret that money is on the list. This is truly one of the main ways to maximize your life time affiliate profits.

If you are going to just send the traffic straight to your affiliate link, you will lose your customer forever if they did not buy the products. But if you do capture your affiliate leadís data and you direct them to your affiliate link, even if they do not buy the product, you do not lose them forever. You will have the chance to build a relationship and communicate with them to convince them why they should buy the product from you.

The good thing is that if you are able to build a responsive list, you will be able to resell them again with your backend products. You will not have to go and look for new traffic as you will have a list of customer who already has trust in you and they are willing to buy.

So in order to capture your affiliate leads, you will need a few tools. The 3 most basic tools that you will need will be a professional Autoresponder, a domain name and lastly a hosting account to host your domain. If you set them all up properly, you will already be prepared to capture your affiliate leads before you send them to your affiliate links.

So the reason of why you must capture leads is you want to build your own long term affiliate marketing business. So do not make the mistake that most newbie do which is not building their own list.

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