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Affiliate Marketing: Growing From Strength to Strength

Affiliate Marketing is today considered a path breaking concept in the field of web advertising and promotion that has changed the face of online business. Internet marketing has managed to touch unprecedented heights in a short span of time after the inception of Affiliate Marketing and Affiliate Marketing Networks.

Affiliate Marketing is basically referred to a web promotional method used by merchants/advertisers where they publish an advertisement or a banner with a link to their site on another website called the 'affiliate'. In return the merchants pay the affiliates a certain amount as a commission for every visitor or sale coming through the affiliate. Its fast growth led to the formation of Online Affiliate Networks.

Today, due to its increasing popularity and demand, Affiliate Marketing has expanded and branched out into Online Affiliate Networks, Affiliate Managers, Affiliate Management Companies and many more.

Affiliate Marketing Networks were basically incorporated keeping in view the growing demand for Affiliate marketing services. They serve as a meeting ground for merchants and affiliates offering the advantage of choice and negotiation to both.

Before its inception, the Internet was used was considered only a medium of promotion and advertising without being accorded a prominent place as compared to print and electronic media. But the reach and impact of the web, along with its ability to transcend geographical boundaries was realized after the introduction of the Affiliate Marketing Strategy. Today, the net is not just a medium, but has become an integral part of business plans, both offline and online.

UK is considered the hub of affiliate markets and the maximum number of affiliate marketing networks are based in UK. Some of the prominent Affiliate Networks in UK are LinkShare UK, Affiliate Window, clixGalore UK and Online Media Group. According to reports on online affiliate networks, total sales generated by affiliate marketing networks in UK alone was 2.16 billion in 2006 and 1.35 billion in 2005. (Source:www.wikipedia.com)

If the online affiliate network growth statistics of a single country are so impressive, then one can only imagine the global impact of affiliate marketing. Trade analysts and e-commerce experts predict a bright future for affiliate marketing, especially as an indispensable tool for search engine optimization.

About The Author: Author has been working on various web promotional campaigns and posses exhaustive knowledge on the concepts of Affiliate Marketing. She is currently sharing her expertise as a writer with ePurple Media. Earn Online Money by Joining Affiliate Network as an Affiliate or as Merchant.

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