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5 Dish Network Affiliate Blunders

Quickly and easily improve your chances of making Dish Network affiliate sales by avoiding some of the common blunders made by satellite affiliate marketers. Here are five of the top blunders:

Dish Network Affiliate Blunder #1:

Not researching the Dish Network affiliate program before promoting it - It really is amazing just how many affiliates grab the first satellite affiliate program that comes along or promote a certain affiliate program simply because every other marketer is also promoting it. Do a bit of comparison shopping by visiting a Dish Network affiliate program directory.

Dish Network Affiliate Blunder #2:

Not using your signature correctly - Many satellite affiliates will add a signature file of inappropriate length to their out-going email messages and message board posts. Twenty lines of text full of affiliate links, is not considered a signature file - it's usually considered 'spam.' Try keeping your signature file under five lines with an attention grabbing or intriguing first line.

Dish Network Affiliate Blunder #3:

Not writing your own ad copy - There's nothing worse than seeing the same advert all over the Net or in an email message from ten different marketers. How much perceived value will your message have when it arrives and the reader is seeing it for the tenth time? Take the time to tweak the ad to suit your target area and readership before sending it out. Personalize it; make the ad your own.

Dish Network Affiliate Blunder #4:

Not getting your own domain name and hosting account - Yikes, nobody wants to visit a site that looks like www.somefreeserver.com/mysite with a contact email address of mynetbiz@somefreeemail.com. It's very unprofessional and suggests to your visitors and subscribers that you aren't trustworthy. Investing $8.95/year for a domain name at GoDaddy.com and around $4 per month for a small hosting account won't break the bank; and in the long run will increase profits.

Dish Network Affiliate Blunder #5:

Not capturing your leads before you send them through to the Dish Network retailer site - If you can actually get someone to click on one of your Dish Network affiliate links and they leave the product site without purchasing, what have you gained? Nothing! Set up a "squeeze page" so you can capture your lead's email address before you send them onto the Dish Network dealer's site. That way, if they don't order Dish Network today, you can follow up with them later and try again (and again and again and again).

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