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Why It Is Good To Offer An Affiliate Program On Your Site And What Is Affiliate Software

To have an affiliate program on your site is a great idea for those people who get a good amount of traffic. When web surfers find a site that they like and they can find the products they want they will keep coming back. Chances are they will also recommend the site to their friends. Affiliate programs that are used recently saw an 81 percent use the revenue share or Cost per sale as their compensation method. The other 19 percent use Cost per action. Only about 1 percent uses the Pay per Click or Pay per Impression.

There are positive reasons as to why you should use an affiliate program on your site. Merchants actually really like the affiliate programs because they use the pay per performance. The merchant does not have to worry about any set up expenses unless the conclusions are realized. There are thousands and thousands of websites that are making a lot of money via affiliate programs. Some companies use their own affiliate programs called In House and others use the common Third Party method.

Affiliate Software is software that you can get online and even download for free. This software allows the user to monitor the affiliate programs that are doing well. Affiliate software lets you choose your method of payments. You can choose Cost per Impressions, Pay per Sale, Pay per Click and you can choose multi tier commissions up to 10 tiers.

Most software has the feature of a tracking system using Flash Cookies for the best reliability. Some of the best software is Post Affiliate Pro and it works with PayPal, World Pay, Cart Manager, Zen Cart, Pay Systems and Yahoo Store. Most affiliate software has real time reporting, no set up charges, technical support and you can customize it any way you choose.

If you are going to have any ads on your site at all then you should use affiliate programs. They pay the best and they are more compatible to your site content than some of the contextual ads out there. There are some affiliate programs and networks that will be perfect for you. In some instances unless you know where to look they can be a bit hard to find. Once you sign up and establish the programs, make sure you place them on your site where visitors can find them, it is very important.

Jonathon White has been doing affiliate marketing for over 6 years and has an affiliate programs directory that lists well over 1,700 affiliate programs & some affiliate tracking software .

Source: www.articlesbase.com