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Affiliate Marketing- The 1 Benefit Of Capturing Your Leads As An Affiliate (Part 2)

This article will continue from the part 1 of “The 1 Benefit of Capturing Your Leads as an Affiliate” article. So you now know that you have to create an opt in page to recruit your sub affiliate and the 2 things that you have let your potential sub affiliates know. So what are the other things that you have to do?

Just creating an opt in page is actually not enough. You will have to regularly email your sub affiliates to keep them motivated to promote the main affiliate programs. You will now serve your role as an affiliate manager.

People are more than willing to join any free affiliate programs that is available for them, but their motivation and their enthusiasms will soon wear off once they have joined the programs.

Most of them will not be actively promoting the products or promote to their own list. You will putting a lot of money on the table if you do not motivate. So you will really have to communicate and motivate them to promote the products.

This information will also applies if you have your own products and affiliate programs. The key thing to take note is that you should have a separate opt in page to sell your opt page and another opt in page to sell the products. It will be better for you if you separate it as it will be easier to organize your work.

So in conclusion of the whole article, if you want to capture your leads as a affiliate, you will have to first find a affiliate programs that allows you to have sub affiliate, secondly to have a opt in page that is specially for selling the affiliate program and lastly the little things that you have to do and tell your potential sub affiliates so that you will have a more successful affiliate marketing business.

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