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Online Affiliate Program Blog: The Correct Way To Use It

I still see too many blogs that are cluttered with banner ad links promoting various online affiliate programs and I often wonder whether the affiliates in these cases ever bother to try and track where their hits are coming from. In some cases they probably don't even bother to try and make use of text links in the first place, so even if they track hits, they will never discover that text affiliate links are much more effective than banner ad affiliate links.

Test after test has clearly shown that text links always end up doing much, much better than banner ads, whatever online affiliate program you are hosting at your blog.

Here is the right way to use your online affiliate program to maximize on profits from your blog.

I have only one use for banner ads from my online affiliate program on my blogs. I use banner ads from well known famous companies and products to enhance the image of my blog. Usually I place these colorful banner ads right next to my Adsense ads. What that does is that it usually makes the Adsense ads more noticeable and increases the number of clicks generated tremendously.

However for my online affiliate program, the only affiliate links I use on my blog are text links. I usually find a way to put these links right in the middle of my blog content or I create useful articles specifically for the purposes of promoting my online affiliate program links. The idea is to ensure that you have as many affiliate links sprinkled all over the place at your blog and in places where they are as relevant as possible to the content surrounding them.

If you promote your online affiliate program in this way at your blog, you will be amazed at the difference it makes to your results.

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Source: www.articletrader.com