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Back to the Basics of Affiliate Programs

Affiliate programs have become the popular new way to attract potential clients. Not only are these programs becoming popular, but they can be extremely effective at bringing new traffic to businesses’ sites. However, despite the success they can bring, most affiliate programs are of little value. Merchants are becoming more and more informed about affiliate programs, and are beginning to root out those of little worth.

So, the key to creating a successful affiliate program is to make it worthwhile. Below are a four simple tactics to help you create a successful affiliate program.

First, advertise your program on your site. Make it apparent that you have an affiliate program. Some businesses even create a completely different design for their affiliate program pages. This can be useful, but can also leave potential affiliates wondering if the program is through your company or not. Use this tactic at your own risk.

Second, advertise in e-zines. E-zines have become increasingly popular. Selecting an e-zine that focuses on e-marketing, affiliate programs, banner ad programs, ecommerce, etc. will help to direct the appropriate traffic to your affiliate program.

Third, list your site in a free directory for affiliate programs. These directories make much of their profits through 2nd tier affiliate programs, making it possible to list your program for free. However, there tends to be much competition on these sites, so it is very important to have a program that will truly benefit online merchants.

Fourth, use consulting and other firms to create an affiliate network for you. This may be a little more expensive, but it will save you hours of work and know how.

By using all or some of these tactics, it will be much easier for you to create an affiliate network full of affiliates working to push traffic and clients to your site. To learn more about creating affiliate programs, see our other article on ezine articles entitled Developing The Perfect Affiliate Program.

About the Author

Jeffrey Wall is a seasoned ecommerce professional. He has studied website design and ecommerce since High School. He is the sole owner of JMSB Web Solutions. After working for a web site design company, he decided that it was time for a change. He soon thereafter started his own web site at http://www.jmsbwebsolutions.com, which he currently runs to this day.

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