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TreasureTrooper is similar to CashCrate in many ways. It is a PTO (paid to complete offers) site and is one of the affiliate programs that has far more offers available for USA/Canada residents. Offers are still available in other countries but they are few and far between. (I live in the UK and have experienced this first hand).

I will now explain why TreasureTrooper is not only pointless for non-USA/Canada residents but is also annoying and frustrating.

I am sure the 2000 offers are all available for USA/Canada residents but for the rest of us most of them are not. What makes TreasureTrooper so frustrating is that you only find out an offer is ‘not available in your area’ after clicking the link to the offer. With a list 100s of offers long with 90% of them not being available this can get very frustrating. To add insult to injury not all of the unavailable offers are flagged as being unavailable even after you click them.

e.g. You may start an offer and get part way down the form and find you have to enter your ‘zip code and state’ (in the UK there are no such things). It then becomes obvious this offer is not available to you either and you have been wasting your time.

On the bright side
1. TreasureTrooper does have 2000 offers available for USA/Canada residents.
2. TreasureTrooper has a mediocre affiliate program (I couldn’t just put a single thing on the bright site could I?!). You earn 20% of your direct referrals commissions and 5% of their referrals earnings. In comparison to CashCrate this is a poor deal but it is better than some of the other PTO affiliate programs out there.

Conclusion - ’scam or not?’
I can say with a fairly high level of confidence that TreasureTrooper is not an internet scam. This does not mean I recommend joining. In fact I would advise non-USA/Canada residents to steer far from it, but the rest of you can earn a decent amount. CashCrate, however, has a top paying affiliate program with better pay rates, which is why it is in my ‘recommended sites’ list and TreasureTrooper is not.

http://affiliatescamguide.com - A Guide to Affiliate Program Scams. Scam or Not? Want to know if something is a scam? Just ask! I will research it and post my conclusion within 48 hours!

Source: www.isnare.com