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Internet Poker Affiliate Program

Many people enjoy playing poker on the internet in poker rooms and some of them have found a way to turn their passion into a little extra cash, whether they’re winning at the table or not. These people have joined an internet poker affiliate program that allows them to earn commissions when they send other people to the poker room to play. However, unlike placing your bets at the table, there is no financial risk involved with an internet poker affiliate program. You simply register with the poker room as an affiliate and begin making referrals.

Of course, making referrals may sound like something that will take a lot of your time, but the internet poker affiliate program actually does most of the work for you. The poker room gives you a variety of banner ads to place on your website, and text ads to put in your e-mails to friends and poker buddies. When someone clicks the ad and goes to the poker room the internet poker affiliate program gives you credit for a referral. When that person begins playing poker on the site you get a commission. This happens every time they play.

A good internet poker affiliate program will also give you the tools you need to track your referrals and keep up with how much you’re earning. If you have a problem customer service is available 24/7 to both you and the people you refer. So whether you play poker on the internet, just watch poker on TV, or don’t know anything about poker, why not join thousands of others who are making money as a poker room affiliate?

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