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Starting Your Own Affiliate Program

Many people create ebooks with the expectation of making lots of money. However, many ebooks make little or no money due to a lack of sales. Developing a product is only half of the job. You need to develop an effective marketing strategy to make money with your ebook. One of the most successful strategies to promote your ebook is through the use of affiliate programs.

An affiliate program allows others to sell your product and receive a commission on each sale they generate. With your own affiliate program, you can easily attract an army of affiliates to sell your product. Each time an affiliate makes a sale, you make money and the affiliate receives a percentage of the sale. You determine the percentage that affiliates get when you initiate your affiliate program. It is important to note that affiliates are only paid if and when they make sales. So it does not cost you anything if an affiliate makes no sales.

There are many ways to start your own affiliate program. You can purchase software that will allow you to keep track of affiliates and their sales. This is fine if you have lots of time and are very detail oriented. An easier method is to use a third party affiliate processor. These companies take care of all the details. They sign up people who would like to become affiliates, list your product in their market place, manage payments for your product, and track all transactions. Some of them will pay your affiliates directly and others will send you the transaction details and leave it up to you to pay your affiliates.

A primary benefit to using a third party processor is the fact that these companies will list your product in their marketplace. Affiliates scan the marketplace to find products that they want to promote. If an affiliate likes your product, they can easily promote it with a few clicks of their mouse.

Creating a product is only half the battle. If you already have your own product, or would like to develop one, you can increase your sales tremendously by starting your own affiliate program.

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