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Is Wealthy Affiliate A Scam?

Is wealthy affiliate a scam?, everyone, who is trying to look for a particular program that is informative and supportive, tend to do research. There is no exception for a program named wealthy affiliate, which is real.

Considering these facts, you will not doubt it anymore:

1. Wealthy Affiliate is reaching its second year of existence. it was created in September 2005. Second year is not much, in fact it is much for a scam to exist that long.

2. As you can see, Many people including me have promoted wealthy affiliate, which continues to grow over time. people want to promote because it is good, you will be the next one to promote when you are a wealthy affiliate member.

3. Have you even heard of beating adwords, inside the list, and who loves money?, hot products that created by Kyle & Carson, there is so much people promoting it. If WA is a scam, who will want to promote products made by K&C, the WA founders?

4. Placed on the 4,764th of Alexa Rankings, that means wealthy affiliate is the 4,764th most popular site, you would not think that wealthy affiliate is a scam, would you?

It could be expensive considering the repetition of monthly fee (almost $30), but there are so many stuffs that worth it, such as:

  • One on one coaching
  • Action plans for you to begin with
  • Marketing tools
  • Research center
  • Feeder sites
  • Free hosting
  • WA Spaces (like Blog)
  • WA Jobs

Earn, learn and make friends at the same time. Wealthy affiliate is the only resource you need to succeed making money online. In the flow of time after learning in wealthy affiliate and implementing what you learn, earning will be absolutely possible. Learn and Learn more so that you earn and earn more. Make friends with not only beginners but also experts. Friendly and helpful members will be there to help. Do not forget that Kyle and Carson will also be there to offer their helps.

Do You Know that earn your online income is not impossible, visit Is Wealthy Affiliate A Scam?, You will see what you are going to like.

article source: http://www.squidoo.com/WAscam

Source: www.articledashboard.com