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Affiliate Directory Marketing - How To Increase Your Sales With Affiliates Sales

Every one who is doing online marketing at least knows what affiliate marketing is all about. It has two aspects one is the product or service owner and second aspect is the affiliate or person who sell the product or service for the product owner and gets part of the commission for that sale. Fortunately there are many service providers who make the affiliate marketing easier for both owners and affiliates, by providing a common platform along with listing of affiliate programs category wise. There are paid as well as free service providers.

Because everyone is not interested in paid version here we will just look into free service's advantage for product owner, in other words we call it as affiliate directory marketing.

Why to call it as affiliate directory marketing?

This is almost entirely related to affiliate directories, so it is affiliate directory marketing.

There are so many affiliate directories which list affiliate programs for the people who want to sell it and get commission. Just imagine, you have a product A and you are selling it on your own effort, then you are making sales of 3 or 4 products per day, think you have got sales force of ten people and they can bring in sales of 30 products in a day and you pay then commission for the same, you have leveraged your sales and at the same time you have not lost anything because your products sales increased in volume with none of your extra efforts and you are going to share only part of the profit with the sales team, so both are in win-win situation.

So now the role of affiliate directories starts they list your program in their directories and they helps you in recruiting people into your sales force. The beauty of it is you get them for free, other wise you will be searching people for this purpose and spend lot of time and money, but affiliate directory marketing method helps you to recruit people for free and saves time.

How to get list of affiliate directories for your affiliate directory marketing?

Just go to google.com and type affiliate directory and then you can get the list one by one and save them on a note pad and use them. There are softwares available for your help to do this job.

This method of recruiting affiliates to your sales force is logically and proved to be effective way of kick start your affiliate directory marketing, but it also depends on how you write your offer to affiliates while you submit to affiliate directories. If you follow the basics of marketing methods, then affiliate directory marketing should help you to get leveraged very fast.

Author Bio :- Sreenivasa S, I share here affiliate marketing strategies and tools that can help your affiliate marketing from both aspects "product owner" and "affiliate"

Source: www.articlecity.com