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The Two Sides of Affiliate Networks

Almost everybody involved in e-business and online marketing is aware of the concept of affiliate marketing. It has proved to be one of the most powerful tools of Internet marketing and has managed to earn a fairly good reputation as a marketing instrument that has been effective in diverting quality traffic and improving page ranks. It does not require much investment, because it basically involves marketing products produced by others. The immense popularity and growth of affiliate marketing has led to the inception of affiliate networks.

These networks act as a link between the merchants and the affiliates. Along with providing a choice to the merchants as well as the affiliates, such networks also offer a number of affiliate programmes for affiliates to choose from. Despite the popularity and success of these networks, some merchants still are wary about the credibility of the networks and the deals and other services provided by them. They prefer dealing with the advertiser directly, rather than through a third party.

Like all other things, even these networks have their own advantages and disadvantages from the point of view of the merchant. Being a part of these networks provide a lot of assistance and convenience to the merchant. He has easy access to a number of prospective affiliates who are willing to take up his programme. Merchants are saved from the trouble of going out and looking for affiliates. Monitoring the progress of the affiliate programme also becomes easy and the entire campaign becomes simpler and manageable.

The other side of such networks can be that the overall cost of the merchant gets escalated and he is not able to maximise profits, since he has to pay the affiliate network as well as the affiliate. Apart from this, not all networks behave responsibly and track sales and leads generated from the affiliate programme.

The final choice to choose one of these networks as a medium to promote one's affiliate programme ultimately depends upon the merchant. He has to decide what works best for him and his website. Even if he chooses to use the services of these networks, he should be extremely careful and should gain thorough knowledge about the network's track record and credibility.

Aisha Danna works for ePurple Media, as Internet Marketing Expert. She is a consultant on affiliate marketing programme and uses her expertise to guide Pay per click affiliate in earning increased commissions on their promotional efforts.

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