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Naughty Ideas to Heat Up the Evening

There are many naughty ways by which both of you can decide to spend the evenings. But listed below are the ones that can heat up things quite a bit more than you would ever imagine.

1.) Get Caught Doing it Naughty

The act involves doing something naughty alone and letting your lover catch you in the act. Like, reading a erotic magazine. Leave the door open and let him catch you in the act. And then let things fall in place. Or, let him catch you playing with yourself. Once he does that, you know what's going to happen next!

2.) Make Naughty Calls

Give him two or three calls at his work. Do not speak anything, but make a sexy squeal or tell something in a low sexy voice. Like, honey, I love you. By the time he reaches home, he will know what to do to you.

3.) Say a Dirty word out of the blue

Surprise him by using a sensual word when he is least expecting it. This will stir up his senses and he will take you by surprise

4.) Leave a Naughty Note in his car

Leave a naughty note signed by you in his car. Use sticker notes and stick it to the dashboard. The note can say something like 'I am Waiting for tonight' or anything erotic. When he drives back home, he will know where to drive in to.

These are just some ways to turn him on. Think about it and you will find many more.

Laura Mercury

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Source: www.isnare.com