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Commission Junction

Commission Junctions is a ValueClick company. It is a worldwide leader on the internet advertising channels of managed search and affiliate marketing. It is a known name when it comes to the delivery of quality results, providing superior services to the clients, and the development of prolonged relationships for publishers and advertisers which it provides through its performance-based solutions. Commission Junction is the only company to operate a truly round the world network in the field of affiliate marketing. It sets the industry standard for quality of network and the delivery of highly sophisticated tools for reporting available.

Commission Junction was founded in 1998. The company’s headquarter is located in Santa Barbara, California and has its offices around the globe. One of the most important values in which Commission Junction strongly believes is customer service at the very best. They even take pride as customer service extremists and this has been one of the foremost reasons of its global success in the field of managed search and affiliate marketing.

In the year 2001, Commission Junction made a move which had created a revolution in its field. For all the publishers, advertisers, and ads within the network of the company, called as CJ Marketplace, it published their performance metrics. The data provided by the company, for the first time, provided a solid base for both publishers and advertisers to determine the assessment of their current and prospective relationship. The approach was based on a couple of key metrics – network earnings and the average earnings with every click. It can be said that this move almost single-handedly took affiliate marketing to a different level.

Commission Junction starts with an assessment of needs of their clients which gives them a fair idea for devising a unique customized solution for each client. CJ Vantage™ and CJ Access™ are offered at the start, both of which are comprehensive and strong solutions individually. When complemented with the value-added services, the result becomes more effective.

The network of Commission Junction, popularly known as the CJ Marketplace offers their publisher clients a large no. of opportunities to collaborate with well known advertisers and at the same time, having access to a huge number of offers and links. The company’s performance metrics, which are published periodically, helps to keep their job transparent. Along with the published data, the client can also get featured weekly advice and strategic advice. With the CJ Performer™ solution, the top performers in publishing get an added advantage in getting maximum returns.

Commission Junction now offers a large array of value-added services which customizes its marketing solutions, its support for the best publishers and also a completely managed search solution.

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