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Affiliate Program - The Quick And Easy Way To Start An Internet Home Based Business

Without a doubt, the quick and easy way to start a home based business and make money online, working from home is to join an affiliate program. Being an affiliate of an affiliate program does not require you to create your own website or to sell your own products; these will all be provided to you instead. This makes it a quick start to having a home based business with a turn-key system in place.

Affiliate program is all about selling other people’s product and get a cut of the commission when a sale is made through the affiliate link provided to you when you register for the program e.g. www.CompanyName.com/Your_Affiliate_Number. Commission can range from 20% to as high as 75% or 80% on each sales made through your affiliate link. On top of that, some companies offer referral program that allows you to make money up to 2 or 3 tiers from those you referred into the business as affiliate or those who purchased through your affiliate link and signed up as affiliate themselves. For example, you make 20% commission on all sales made through your affiliate link, and another 5% on sales made by John, who signed up under you, and who made sales through his affiliate link.

Another type of affiliate program, which I termed it as “Super Affiliate Program”, is a much more powerful program, where you can truly leverage on your referrals and earn passive income through its multi-tier commission payout.

This is one type of business which you would want to start out as your home based business, spending around 1 to 2 hours online doing Internet marketing. And as with any other affiliate program, all you need to do is simply to market your affiliate link and drive traffic to the website, which will do the rest of the job for you, such as sales, follow-up and product fulfillment. Thus, you need not worry about anything else, other than traffic generation via your affiliate link.

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