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Free Affiliate Program For Affiliates And Advertisers

Affiliate marketing has become a necessity for advertisers and web-site publishers too. With a cost effective affiliate program, advertisers can easily promote their products and publishers get the reward for generating high traffic on their web site. Free programs are created and run by leading affiliate marketing networks such as VHMnetwork. Advertisers and web site publishers can join a network without paying a penny for availing the fiscal benefits of a free program. Free affiliate programs are becoming popular in the field of marketing because it costs nothing to advertisers and publishers too.

Advantage of a free affiliate program

One can list many advantages of cost effective marketing from advertisers, publishers and marketing network's point of view.

  • It brings in probable customers to the advertisers and revenue for web-site publishers and marketing network.

    • An advertisement displayed on high traffic web site can get tremendous response for the advertiser.

      • Web-site publishers can earn revenue by continuously increasing the traffic on their web sites. Advertisers can pay a handsome amount for highest relevant traffic.

        • Free affiliate program is very easy to promote. Marketing networks can get rich advertisers and high traffic web sites easily for a free program.

          • Advertisers and publishers have nothing to loose in a free program. They did not pay a single penny for joining a free affiliate program.

            • Free affiliate program introduces advertisers with web-site publishers. The advertisers get prime space in a relevant web site and the publishers are rewarded for generating high traffic.

            • These are some of the advantages, which advertisers, publishers and network can avail from a free program.

              Free affiliate program for advertisers

              An advertiser should look after his requirements before entering into an agreement with web-site publishers. There are various free affiliate programs available with a network. It is up to the advertiser, what type of response he wants from the visitors. Free affiliate programs are based on the response of the visitors such as clicks on advertisement, action taken by visitors on advertisement and sale of the product.

              Free affiliate program for web site publishers

              A free affiliate program for publishers relieves them from all the tensions of maintaining accounts and making claims for commission. Web-site publishers get tools such as e-mailers and banners from the network under a free affiliate program.

              Role of affiliate network in a free affiliate program

              A network assists both advertisers and web-site publishers in marketing a product through web site. It continuously watches the volume of traffic on affiliate sites. It is the duty of a network to see that the content on a web site should match perfectly with an advertisement. It is through marketing network that both advertisers and publishers share revenue.

              Examples of a free affiliate program

              The popular tools for free affiliate marketing are Cost-per-Click (CPC), Cost-per-Lead (CPL) and Cost-per-Sale (CPS). The advertisement generates revenue for publishers on clicking under CPC, when a visitor leaves his contact details under CPL and when a sale is furnished by the advertiser under CPS.

              I will evaluate the role of an affiliate network in my next article.

              Arun Lakhera is a professional journalist and copy-writer. He writes on affiliate marketing for an advertising network http://www.VHMnetwork.com

              Source: www.articledashboard.com