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Recipes Using Beer

Although you might enjoy drinking beer, you might never have thought about cooking with beer. The truth is that using beer in your recipes can provide you with a great taste that you canít get with anything else. Most men love when they hear this, because there is nothing better to them than popping the top on a cold one. And now that they can use it to cook with, they never need another excuse for having the fridge stocked with beer.

There are several ways to incorporate beer into your recipes. The first thing you can do is create a beer batter. Many people will use their beer batter on fish, chicken, squid, or other meats that typically get battered before cooked.

Another way some people use beer in their recipes is to create dressings with it. Some will add it to a mustard mix for extra zest and flavor. In addition, others will create a marinade so their meats, instead of using the beer in a batter.

Beer recipes can be found online for free or you can purchase beer recipe books for your continuous use. They are great gifts for men who love to cook or that female cook that likes to think outside the box a little.

Go ahead and try some of the beer recipes you find. You will be shocked at how beer can really add to the flavor of your favorite dishes. You should be aware that when you are cooking with beer, some of the alcoholic characteristics of the drink may still be present after cooking. So, if you have young children or are cooking for those recovering from alcohol abuse, you might want to pass on these beer recipes.

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