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Affiliate Marketing - 4 Most Popular Affiliate Programs

Affiliate marketing is defined as a method of promoting web business in which an affiliate is rewarded for every visitor, subscriber, customer, and/or sale provided through his/her efforts. There are a lot of different kinds of affiliate programs and it is important for affiliate to know which programs that he wants to do before he puts in all his time and effort. Basically there are 4 affiliate programs which is the most popular.

The 1st one is the Pay Per Sale affiliate program. The affiliate will get commissions for every sale on the merchantís product. The affiliate will do his job of bringing traffic through his own affiliate link. He will be rewarded with commissions if the buyer buys the product through his affiliate link.

The 2nd one is the Pay Per Click affiliate program. The affiliate will get commissions for clicks on the merchantís ads. This will be like putting a adsense code on the affiliate website. The affiliate will drive traffic to the website. If anyone clicks on the ads that are shown on the websites, he will be paid commissions on it.

The 3rd one is the Pay Per Lead affiliate program. The affiliate will get commissions for leads or actions generated for merchant. There are websites that pays affiliate a certain amount if affiliate is able to help bring traffic so that people will opt in to that websites opt in list. The more that affiliate is able to get people to opt in, the more he will earn.

The 4th one is the Pay Per Impression affiliate program. The affiliate will get paid for impressions of a merchantís ad from that affiliate websites. The affiliate will need huge amount of traffic in order for this model to work. This will be based on how many times the ads is being viewed. The more times the ads are being shown, the more the affiliate will earn.

So you now know the 4 most popular affiliate programs. It is important for you to make the right choices so that you will be able to focus and make your affiliate marketing business a success. Once you have chosen one model, stick to it and focus till you are successful.

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