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Desperate For A Residual Income Affiliate Program

Can you imagine being part of a great residual income affiliate program? It sounds like the best of the possible internet marketing ideas. It sounds...dare I say it...foolproof.

And it just might be. But it requires some strategies.

I hope you're ready for a shock, because I wasn't when I went looking for a residual income affiliate program of my own. The best way to find one is...TO CREATE ONE. Yep. Create one of your own.

Wait a sec here, I can hear you scream. **I'm new to all this, I just want to get my feet wet and slowly ease my way into all of this.**

That's fine...but that's not the best way to get moving with a residual income affiliate program. The best way is to create a product or service that you can sell through Clickbank. To do this you will need a digital product or software that they will host and sell for you.

You will also need a sales page hosted by you on the net and a thank you page also hosted on the net. Don't worry about those...you can build a free site and host it for $8 bucks or so at hundreds of places. (A quick Google search will show you how and where to find the free web builders.)

So those are the three things you need. A product. A sales page. And a thank you letter that you will have to customize yourself.

The way that it become residual is if you start signing up affiliates to market the product for you. You'll do that with an affiliate link on your sales page and then by creating an affiliate sign up page...also hosted on that free site of yours.

What's that saying...if you can't beat them, join them?

When it comes to finding a residual income affiliate program...that expression rings VERY true.

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Source: www.isnare.com