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Affiliate Marketing - How To Prevent Affiliate Link Thieves

You have work very hard to send traffic to your affiliate links. You have done all the hard work and your website is even listed in the search engine. Suddenly one day you found out that you have a very low click through rate despite having a lot of traffic to your website.

In the internet now, there are all kinds of person. The kind of person that affiliates fear the most is those affiliate link thieves. So what do you mean by affiliate link thieves? They are just simply a dishonest person who replaces your affiliate ID with their affiliate ID. There are 2 kind of case.

The first case is those who will replace your affiliate ID with their affiliate ID. There are some people who want to buy the product but they do not want to pay the full price. So what they will do is that they will buy under their own affiliate link so that they will not have to pay the full price to get the product.

The 2nd case is those who will steal your affiliate ID without even clicking on it. What they will do is that they will move their mouse over your link information so that they will be able to see your affiliate link url in the status bar. They will just manually type out the affiliate link url and type in with their own affiliate ID. So you will not even know that someone has stolen your commissions.

These are the 2 situations which you will really want to avoid. The best thing to do is to always clock your affiliate links before you go and market it. This will prevent you from not getting the maximum profits which you have worked so hard for.

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