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Bicycle Tours for Beginners

Bicycle touring is a recreational activity in which an individual goes touring and sightseeing using a bicycle. It is a non-competitive activity done for leisure rather than sport. Bicycle tours help people to get active and into shape. Many people are attracted to bicycle tours.

Bicycle tours may extend from days to weeks then to months and years depending upon one's plan. But for beginners, it is advised that they only participate in one day tours; after gaining practice, they can go for long trips. Depending upon the terrain and weather, an average person with reasonable fitness and moderate speed can ride thirty to eighty miles a day. For a bicycle tour, body fitness is of utmost importance.

Select a bicycle that fits you; you can select your bicycle at a bike club meeting or your local bicycle store. The cycle should have the capacity to carry luggage. These bicycles should be equipped with a carrier rack and bags. A touring bicycle has a longer wheelbase, which increases stability

There are some basics for individuals who are just beginning bicycle tours. Always use proper clothing; clothes provide comfort while riding. The ride is for fun and fitness, so don't spend too much time watching the racing team. Always wear a helmet and be careful about the traffic. You should learn how to drink while riding. Start slowly and then gradually increase your speed. Always distribute the weight of your touring kit between the front and rear of your bicycle, and mount the rear bags as far forward as possible for clearance of your heels while pedaling. Always carry a few spares and a couple of handy tools, which can help you to avoid small breakdowns. Before starting the ride, ensure that brakes are working properly. Small gears are required for beginners.

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