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Roll on the Olympics

The new Logo for the 2012 Olympics has largely been hailed with derision by the people of the UK and is clearly not a resounding success. To add insult to injury, it has caused one or two epileptic fits, apart from the metaphorical fits it has given many people.

The logo is clever, but it is not engaging and does not really reflect the connection that will be made worldwide and the celebration of many nations coming together- style without substance perhaps? Maybe it will grow on us. Apparently images can be loaded on to the various 'arms' of the logo, this might make it much more interesting!

Of course the Brits tend to be the most cynical and over critical of all peoples, so Britain/UK/ England, just this once drop the world-weary attitude and jump in with the gusto, the occasion deserves.

However, a word to you, the powers that be in charge- let us please have a Games without politics and interference from politics, without grandstanding by politicians. Let's have a simple and wholesome Olympics, not an over branded, over marketed and over hyped Games, that lose the excitement and let us all be involved and enthusiastic participants.

In any case the preparations go on and will create an opportunity for all people to get together, enjoy the competition and the competitiveness and celebrate their national identities in a positive way. It will serve to remind us of all the ways we can interact as countries, create opportunities and language jobs. In short, celebrate the unity of all nations for that brief moment, which comes along only once every four years.

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