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Do Affiliate Programs Work?

As an affiliate manager, I often hear inexperienced affiliates telling me that a program doesn't work. They usually remove their links quickly, not realizing that, most of the time, this isn't the program that doesn't convert but rather their website. I know that a lot of affiliates won't want to hear this, but affiliate programs do work, as long as they provide good products, good services and that everything has been set up properly.

One of the rare factors that might affect the conversion rate of a valid program is actually the popularity of its services and the advertising presence of its company. If a product is being advertised everywhere and is already popular, you will have less chances to make sales, because the market is already saturated. In that case, the solution is to differentiate your offer, by promoting lesser-known products, which will get better sales conversion rates.

Most of the time, the way a program converts will depend on the affiliate website. If the affiliate website is an authority, niche or high-traffic site in the same industry as the product sold, it will get strong sales quickly. If the affiliate site is a generic or portal-type site, it will take more time to make sales. If the affiliate site is a cheap looking site with no valid content and no traffic, it won’t make any sale.

Another factor affecting sales conversions is the location of affiliate links. If they’re located on the home page or on a targeted page, they will get more chances to generate sales than if they’re hidden on some resource page.

Affiliates that are serious about promoting an affiliate program don’t hesitate to take time to test links on different pages in order to determine what’s the best-selling emplacement. Don’t believe all those get-rich-quick fake gurus: the bottom-line is that promoting effectively an affiliate program to make it work requires work and time.

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Source: www.articlecity.com