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Learn Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing is the best way to start earning money online. The start up costs are very low and can be very rewarding.

This article will explain a few of the basics to get you started in the wonderful world of affiliate marketing. We will look at affiliate program basics and why you need to invest in a domain name and hosting.

There are thousands of affiliate programs you can join which sell a multitude of products. The majority of these affiliate programs are free to join and just involve you giving your name and address. Some of the good affiliate programs will also give you training and tools to help you succeed.

Once you have signed up to an affiliate program and chosen product to promote with a good commission you will want to get yourself a domain name and hosting. There are sites where you can get free hosting, however i strongly advise you invest in your own hosting package. Choose a good hosting company that has a very small downtime percentage. Most hosting packages throw in a free domain name. Do your research before investing in a hosting package.

Your website is going to be your cash machine so you are going to want reliability.

Try to chose a domain name that matches the product you are selling and is based a round a highly searched keyword. Having a domain name based around keywords is good for a number of reasons. It will be easier to get ranked in search engines using seo techniques and will help with quality score issues if you use pay per click advertising.


Lets suppose you want to promote an ebook on how to cure Acid Reflux.

Firstly you are going to want to do some keyword research for the words acid reflux.

Using a free keyword tool acid reflux gets around 20,000 searches a month, so its a good market. but its not the keywords we want to target. You want to base our domain name on acid reflux cure or acid reflux remedy. This will target searchers looking for a solution to their problem.

Marketing your product to the right audience is key to success.

Your domain name should be something like www.cure-acid-reflux.com. You will then need to build your website around the keywords you have found.

Using this technique for affiliate marketing is right way to get started.

These are just a few tips that will help you on the road to success. This is just the start.

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