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Affiliate eBook Marketing - What Is Affiliate eBook Marketing And How To Use It?

There are literally thousands of eBooks out there being offered on the Internet. Some of them are being offered as Affiliate eBook Marketing tools while others are being offered as Master Reseller Rights and some are being offered with Private Label Reseller Rights as well as Affiliate eBook Marketing rights.

If you aren't considering writing your own eBook, you are probably considering an affiliate program to sell someone else's eBook. If you are either bold or experienced, you may want to get an eBook with Private Label Reseller Rights and set up your own Affiliate eBook Marketing program using that eBook as your product. It is not illegal if you have purchased Private Label Reseller Rights, which allow you to rename the eBook and list yourself as the author. That is the simple part of it. The hard part is the marketing part; and that is the hard part whether you have an already prepared product or if you are merely acting as a go-between between the owner of the property and the prospective buyer. Anyone who has ever been in marketing in any way shape or form knows and may tell you that marketing is a numbers game.

There are certain rules about marketing which every door-to-door salesman knows and lives (or dies) by. Simply put there is a constant percentage of potential customers who will purchase your product from a "cold" contact. A "cold" contact is a person who is approached at random and offered the right to buy your product. Walking down the street in a large city, you can stop every person or every tenth person and offer them your product. In general, ten people out of one hundred will buy it. This number varies very little based on quality of product or quality of sales "pitch."

On the Internet, the problem changes, although the numbers remain the same. On the Internet, the problem is how to find a thousand people and get them to look at your product, as this should produce one hundred sales. The key to getting your eBook sold on the Internet is developing a mailing list of thousands or tens of thousands of people who are expecting you to send them mail at regular intervals, with offers that may or may not interest them.

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