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Surf and Click Paid Sites vs. Legit Paid Survey Sites

Surf and click paid sites and legit paid survey sites are both ways to earn extra cash. One will make you money a lot faster than the other, though. Here is how both of them stack up against one another.

Surf and click paid sites are everywhere. Do a search in Google and millions of them will probably pop up. His might sound like a lot of sites, but it shouldn’t surprise you. The reason there are millions of these types of sites is because there are that many people that want you to view their ads at all cost. The more people that view their ads equals more people that will possibly buy their product.

The bad thing about surf and click paid sites is that they do not pay you much, at all. You might get a penny here and a penny there, but that is about it. You could sign up to all of the paid click sites on the internet if you want and spend all of their time clicking ads, but you would still be making under minimum wage. While you can get a little extra cash from paid click sites, it should not be your sole source of money making online.

Next we have legit paid survey sites. I am personally a member of over fifty of them. It is by far the best way to earn extra cash, with little to no effort on your part. I religiously pay off my car payment, electric and three other bills from the extra cash I make from legit paid survey sites. I am not saying that everybody can make this much money, but you can get pretty darn close if you know which sites to go to.

Legit paid survey sites are everywhere and some of them are even scams. The scams are easy to find and you can usually tell which of them are scams, because they want you to pay some sort of membership fee to join. All of the truly legit paid survey sites online are absolutely free to join. You will never have to pay a dime out of your pocket. The great thing about legit paid survey sites is that you can sign up to as many as you want, which assures that you will have a steady stream of surveys and offers to choose from.

While surf and paid click sites are decent, they are not what you should be spending your time on. They are good to do when you are bored at work, or you don’t have any surveys to do at that moment, but that is about it. Paid slick sites just do not stack up to the legit paid survey sites of the world.

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