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Best Free Online Affiliate Program - How to Find the Best Free Online Affiliate Programs

How can I find the Best Free Online Affiliate Program? Is a question that most of you either have asked or have been asked many times? It is also a question with no single real and true answer. That is not because there is no methodology to help you find the best program, but rather because there is no generic, absolute Best Free Online Affiliate Program. There are several questions that only you have the answer to, that have to be asked; so let us start right at them:

For Question #1. Many Affiliate Marketing Programs require that you have a Website of your own. If you have a Website and are willing to join an affiliate program using that Website as your base for the program you are joining, your next question is; what is your current traffic on that site? Many marketing programs, including Amazon.com are willing to let most everyone become an affiliate marketer of their products. They don’t pay until you sell, so they don’t care about your hit count (traffic level). They also don’t pay until you accrue a certain amount of commission in your account with them.

If they don’t pay until you earn $25.00, for example, and you sell enough, (or buy enough) to earn only $23.00 commission, they hold your commission in their account. That may not mean a lot to you, but if you multiply, your $23.00 times the number of affiliates that do not meet the minimum payout level the daily interest on that money is staggering, even if the money is properly held in escrow.

How much of a product depends a lot on the number of people who visit your site. It also depends on how good a “fit” your visitors are with the company you list as an affiliate. You wouldn’t expect a Vegan group to buy a lot of beef from a wholesale meat outlet, even if you have a really high traffic count. On the other hand, a Moslem site to appreciate advertisements for pork chops on an affiliate’s banner. You can always control whom you affiliate with, and you can often control the type of advertising that the site places on your site. A bad “fit” can serve to not only not bring you any profit, but it can also kill your high traffic site as your readers get offended and leave.

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